Chart Attack – 20 December 2005


The Elected Will Have Sun, Sun, Sun ‘Til Daddy Takes Their T-Bird Away.

12/20/05 7:00pm

Since two members of the sunny alternative pop band Rilo Kiley both have albums coming out on January 24, we’re writing about both of them today.Singer/guitarist Blake Sennett‘s rootsier project, The Elected, will release Sun, Sun, Sun through Sub Pop Records. The album, the band’s second following last year’s Me First, was partially recorded in a Los Angeles studio. But much of the recording was done with Mike Bloom (lap steel, guitar, background vocals) in hotel rooms or in the back of Rilo Kiley’s bus while the group were on tour. “I’d never been on the road for a year straight before, and it was a bizarre feeling,” Sennett told”It was something that I had to reckon with. So there are some songs that deal with the reckoning of that.”Sennett also reckons that he gets louder the more that he tours, so look for Sun, Sun, Sun to be a generally more up-tempo affair than Me First and for the vocals to be more prominent.Sennett and Bloom’s primary compadres in The Elected are Ryland Steen (drums) and Daniel Brummel (bass), but some songs on the album also feature saxophones or organ to fill things out and add new elements to the proceedings.

Ignore the frigid temperatures and think pleasant thoughts about summer when checking out this track list for Sun, Sun, Sun:

  • “Clouds Parting (8:14 a.m.)”
  • “Would You Come With Me”
  • “Fireflies In A Steel Mill”
  • “Not Going Home”
  • “It Was Love”
  • “Sun, Sun, Sun”
  • “Did Me Good”
  • “The Bank And Trust”
  • “Old Times”
  • “Desiree”
  • “I’ll Be Your Man”
  • “Beautiful Rainbow”
  • “Biggest Star”
  • “At Home (Time Unknown)”